Sheep Placenta

Sheep Placenta - Cell Therapy For Rejuvenation & Anti Aging

Zell-V Platinum sheep placenta

Zell-V Platinum sheep placenta is a soft gel containing concentrated sheep placenta extracts designed by experienced professionals after 15 years of research and development in Switzerland and Germany. Each Zell-V Platinum sheep placenta is made concentrated from 15000mg of fresh sheep placenta, which is rich in nutrients, essential growth factors and bioactive cytokines.

  • Rejuvenation of cells
  • Repairing exhausted cells
  • Promote cellular growth
  • Regulate hormone secretion
  • Strengthening of immune system
  • Enhancing skin complexion

Zell-V Special Purpose Application

Special Purpose Application (S.P.A.) is prepared according to the needs or request of individuals requiring specific treatments. Combination of various treatments to focus on rejuvenating and revitalizing specific systems of the body. They have been prescribed for the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases.

  • Target Treatment
  • Prepared according to needs
  • Experts prescription
  • Effective skin repair
  • Specially enhanced formulation
  • Improves intra-cellular energy production

Symposium On Organ Cell Therapy For Rejuvenation And Anti Aging

  • Seminar by 6 professional doctors
  • Professional certification award upon completion
  • Latest and advanced method in cellular therapy
  • Gain more revenue thru this system


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